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Friends, family, and beyond have trusted us with their vehicles and our mission here at "TTMD" is to ensure every serviced vehicle is handled with the "Thompson's Touch"!


*Authorized Dealer and Certified by Chicago's own Dr. Beasly. We're certified and endorsed in the latest detailing technologies practices and techniques used by Dr.Beasley's.

Mobile Car Detailing and Auto Detailing in CHICAGOLAND

Is your schedule all a cluster? We know how busy you can get, which means you’re most likely pushing back the little things, the less than crucial errands that often take a back seat to more pressing matters. Thompson Touch is here to help.


We specialize in giving you the VIP treatment, no matter where it is that your busy life takes you.

We’ll bring our high-end car washing service in Chicago, IL to you. Our experienced, friendly, fully-insured team can come to your job, to your residence, and anywhere in between to give you a first-rate car wash and auto detailing experience. Our vehicles come fully equipped with cutting edge tools to get the job done promptly and efficiently.


We always practice eco-friendly standards and use environmentally sound products.




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